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guionWHAT.U.R, a reasonguion

Nothing appears because; always everything has a reason and an origin. We are not a laboratory product, created after market analysis and street surveys but in fact we are quite the contrary and instead the passion for these sports, by the values ​​they represent to you and to us. We needed something; the possibility of staying connected, feeling them, even if they had snow or the clam natural flow of the ocean. Because when you are "hooked" and you only need a thin thread for binding, something that reminds you of who you are and makes it easier to wait for until the predictions are given and the wind appears for sailing ...
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guionWHAT UR, made for you in Barcelonaguion

And for this we decided to do something that actually had value, searching for the essence of what we wanted to express with the help of athletes and designers.

WHAT UR produced jewellery handmade in Barcelona with premium solid sterling silver. They are strong; they have high water resistance and express a feeling that is forever a part of our lives.
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